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Upcycling FASHION at the Berlin Fashion Week

tHERAPY Recycle and Exorcise participated at the berlin fashion week with a fashion show.

In the context of the 2023 edition of the Berlin Fashion Week, tHERAPY Recycle and Exorcise presented pieces made from reused materials in the fashion show "Role Models".

The editorial show was presented yesterday, January 17 as part of the new event format @newest in the Kant-Garagen, in Berlin.

The pieces were originally part of OUR latest capsule collection "tHERAPY 10 years" from September 2022. The participating pieces were:

ALIEN BOOTS - A pair of second-hand vinyl overknie-boots customised with reused elements such as straps, plastic elements and metals. Wore by Noa @noa.mfftt, the female artist member of the music duo at the show.

HAIRY BOOTS - A pair of hand-painted vintage nubuck overknie-boots decorated with second-hand artificial hairpieces and leather and elastic straps with reused metals. They were part of look number 7 on the catwalk.

CORSET DRESS - A dress made from a deconstructed corset and a vintage fitted skirt with garter belt. It was part of look number 44 on the runway.

The editorial fashion show focused on sustainability, organised by the VORN - The Berlin Fashion Hub, presented tHERAPY Recycle and Exorcise alongside other 77 internationally and nationally established brands, independent labels and newcomers from Berlin.

The looks were selected and styled by the creative team around Julius and Tanya Forgo. All participating labels underwent a thorough sustainability check by the qualified team of Studio MM04 beforehand.

The looks and models were based on current and past icons. Personalities whose influence in terms of sustainability, sexuality and diversity continues to this day.

ACKERMANN @ackermanntaschen

AFORA @aforaworld

AGNES NORDENHOLZ @agnesnordenholz_offi cial

AKJUMII @akjumii

ALEXANDRA SVENDSEN @alexandra_svendsen_taschen

ALICIA VICTORIA @aliciavictoria.leather

ALLBIRDS @allbirds

AN BUERMANS @an_buermans

AN ELASTIC WORLD @an_elastic_word

ANEKDOT @anekdotboutique

ANIMA PROTECTION @animaprotection

ANNA GIREY @anna.girey

ANNE BERNECKER @anne_bernecker

BAV TAILOR @bavtailor

BENEDETTI LIFE @benedetti_life

CHRISTIANE STROBEL @christiane_strobel

CULTURE AND SPACE @cultureandspace

DAMUR @damurfashion

DAOTEY @daotey_offi cial

DEDICATED @dedicatedbrand

DENISE KIPKE @denisekipke_

DSTM @dstm_

ECOALF @ecoalf

ETHEL VAUGHN @ethelvaughn

FADE OUT @fadeoutlabel

FAIBLE AND FAILURE @faibleandfailure

FALKE @falke

GUOVARDE @guovarde

HARDCORPS @hardcorps_harnais

IMARIT @imarit_fashion

ISABEL VOLLRATH @ivr_isabelvollrath_new


KRANZ @kranz_munich

LA BANDE @la_bande_berlin


LES LOOPS @lesloops_offi cial

LEON EMANUEL BLANCK @leonemanuelblanck

LETTAU @lettauartfashion

LOQI @loqi

MAISON BAUM @maisonbaum

MANAKAA PROJECT @manakaa_project

MANIQ @maniq_offi cial

MARCO SCAIANO @marco_scaiano_berlin

MAXIMILIAN MOGG @maximilian.mogg

MELISA MINCA @melisaminca

MIES NOBIS @miesnobis

MLI BY SVENSSON @mlibysvensson

MYKITA @mykitaoffi cial

NAKT @nakt_studio

NATASCHA VON HIRSCHHAUSEN @natascha.von.hirschhausen

NOBAHARD @nobahardesign

PLAS COLLECTIVE @plas_collective

PUGNAT @pugnat.knitwear pugnat

PULVA JEWELRY @pulvajewelry



SEPIDEH AHADI @sepidehahadi

SKARABEOS @skarabeosoffi cial

SOCIETE ANGELIQUE @societe__angelique

SOPHIA SCHNEIDER-ESLEBEN @sophia.schneider.esleben

SPATZ HUTDESIGN @spatzhutdesignpassau

STANDEVEN @standeven1885

STAPF @stapftirol

STEFANIE PIETSCH COLLECTION @stefaniepietschcollection

STUDIO FANTASTIQUE @studio_fantastique

CANO @thecanoshoe

THERAPY @therapy_berlin

TINDI @tindiatelier

TIZZ & TONIC @tizzandtonic

TONI @shop.toni

TRAKATAN @trakatan

TRIBAL HOTEL @tribal_hotel

TRIPPEN @trippen.offi cial

UNCOMMON MATTERS @uncommonmatters


VELVET NOVEL @velvet_novel

VLADIMIR KARALEEV @vladimirkaraleev

YUMA LABS @yuma.labs.circularNG SHOES @redwingberlinhamburgmunich

PRESS: Here you will find all information, images and video with credits

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