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No, my body dones't follow other laws. My body is aging. My body is degrading just as yours. We, as bodies, are all going to the same place. Is my mind (heart?, soul?) that is going a different path. I don't follow your precepts. I don't believe in your same concepts. Is not big deal. Is actually very simple. I am simply free. I can dance, I still play. I wear disguises and I am not ashamed. I can be contradictory and forgive myself for that. And I am learning all the time. I can think about the dead and not be afraid. Because I have already done everything I wanted to do, but I always want more. I want more and I want better, and not only for me. We are all going to the same place. What remains when we leave is what matters.

To shape this particular capsule we were inspired by the Renaissance. Renaissance brought the liberation from old dogmas, a return to nature, to the spiritual, to the man as the key to understand the world, embracing both life and death as two faces of the same.

RE:BIRTH is our interpretation of the esthetics of Renaissance movement, in the context of our actual era. It is a representation of the „Phoenix-state“ we go through every time we overcome a situation. Out of the old, something new comes to life.

This last months were full of changes for us. A mix of spatial and personal movements and achievements. As we were travelling in Europe, we visited many museums and galleries and enjoyed classical and contemporary art. This filled us with questions, answers and admiration followed by inspiration. This is reflected in this collection where different materials, objects and clothing or accessory pieces are reborn, reinvented, resignified. They no longer fulfill the original role and fit in a different, less rigid, more free aesthetic.

Berlin Alternative Fashion Week / REUSE:IT CATWALK, Sept. 25th 2015 & Backstage 

Show at the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, 

September 2015

Photography by Jesus Pastor Photography

Editorial Shoot by Jesús Pastor. Berlin, Germany, 2015

Styling / Art Mariángeles & Paula Aguirre Girl Eva Sylvia for VIVA Models

Thanks to Backstyle & The Commission Magazine for featuring us.

REBIRTH COLLECTION at the Re Use It Show / Berlin Alternative Fashion Week / BAFW

Postbahnhof, Berlin September 2015

Video by Apollo.TV

Director: Josué Cifuentes

DoP: Christopher Müller Line

Producer: Christian Poetschke Production Assistant: David Basten

Jr. Producer: Marie Brugsch

Graphics/ Animation Artist: Uli Buder

- Christopher Müller - Jochem Koschlig - Nikita Lünnemann

Gimbal Operator: Cornelius Diemer

Backstage Camera: Jens Eggers

Video Editing: Josué Cifuentes

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