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This is not fashion.

It's a comment on fashion. It is our opinion about fashion.


This is not really a collection. This are materials that are connected to our previous works, they are their discards, or their improved version.


In our work system, a "collection" does not forget the previous one nor comes to replace it. We work on a continuum, with the same message. That's why we call it „post-collection“


This "Post-collection" is a set of errors and a finger that points to them. A critique of the system as it is given while a proposal to do something new with its ruins, its remains, its garbage.


We are not the error. The error is in the system. We come to leave it in evidence and to talk about its excesses and its crimes.


Our language is eclectic but clear. We take the leftovers and make them our raw material. We distort the meanings and traditional functions of clothing to speak a more participatory, creative and inclusive language. We question the given. We laugh at the structures and hierarchies of fashion.


This post-collection is made of different materials. Sportswear, military uniforms, work uniforms. Textile discards from previous collections transformed into new garments and deconstructed second-hand garments and accessories.


And what and for whom are this clothes made for? This items are put into circulation again, as long as possible, challenging the idea of obsoleteness, replacement and discarding. And they are re-made to fit as many different bodies as possible. The bodies should not have to fit, is the clothes that needs to be made for all. But not only that, with our work we try to be an invitation to continue the process, so that the user is actively involved in rethinking, intervening and reusing the garments.


We are not functional to the system, our garments are not made for quick discarding because they do not follow a circumstantial trend and because they are durable. We do not want to do more to sell more. The idea of constant growth is a lie. We support the idea of degrowth.


„The repair and reuse imply a sense of commitment and trust. Through hand work an emotional connection is generated that stimulates an awareness of the origin of things.“ (Bruggeman, „Dissolving the ego of fashion“)


Aesthetics implies ethics.

Like art, fashion has a transformative power. The aesthetic can open our eyes and allow us to see beyond the merely representative.


But in addition to the visual, we rescue the value of materials as triggers to create other kinds of relationships with them and between people. It is necessary to recover the affection for the materials, to be interested in their origin, their qualities. This will allow us to connect with what is behind them: natural resources and people.


We aim to create an alternative to the fashion system as it is proposed. We support a more human dimension of fashion. We do not agree with hyperproduction as an idea of progress. On the contrary, we are critical of what this entails, which translates into a homogenous system: a repetition of the same.


With this post-collection we seek to criticize this repetition using its excess as a vehicle to demonstrate that reduction is an added value.


In this sense, we invite you to read the book "Dissolving the ego of fashion. Engaging with Human Matters", by Danielle Bruggeman, from 2018, which has been the theoretical basis for the concept of our post-collection.


More about tHERAPY Recycle & Exorcise here: Who we are

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Fashion Show at Helsinki Fashion Week: Friday, July 19th, 2019

Photographers:@juliarahikka - @valtterinevalainen @sohvijulia_ @iinesactually @coframee @nooranilsen Chau Hoang
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