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Jeans Addiction – Our therapy for a healthier relationship with fashion


In a world of fast fashion and relentless trends, the overproduction and wastage of materials such as denim have reached alarming levels. 


our collection aims to show it is actually possible to break free from this cycle and embrace a more conscious approach to fashion.

It is no secret that the production of a single pair of blue jeans consumes a tremendous amount of water, up to 10,000 liters or 2,600 gallons. This excessive water usage has a significant impact on our environment.


Furthermore, the relentless demand for jeans has resulted in a surplus that often ends up discarded, contributing to the global waste crisis.


we strive to transform this addiction into a positive force for change. By utilizing denim remnants and incorporating upcycling production practices, we breathe new life into a batch of discarded jeans.

Let's break the chains of excessive consumption and embrace the beauty of denim with a clear conscience. 


On April 2023 we received a donation consisting of six large boxes of discards from the american denim brand TOMMY HILFIGER. 

The batch consisted of denim scraps but also other materials such as cotton jersey scraps, new and second hand jeans and also other garments such as t-shirts, sweaters, pullovers, a jacket and skirts.

Around the same time, we were invited to offer upcycling workshops and to present our brand at the European Denim Fair Premiere Vision, which turned out to be an ideal platform to present this collection.

Today we are presenting a the first series of garments that came out of those discards.

The aesthetic is true to our hallmark: playful, sexy, genderless and adaptable to different bodies.

This collection is mainly made up of unique pieces that required long hours of artisan work. we have also created small series of dresses, tops and corsets.


Asymmetrical Mesh dresses made with scraps of fabrics that we have been collecting are added as an extra in a different material to the collection.

As we believe in the power of collaboration and support within the upcycling design community. That is why one of the series consists of mini skirts which we call "GUARRA SKIRT" because of their sexy and daring look. These skirts are fully adaptable to sizes XS to L. 
They were made in collaboration with upcycling designer  @lazyfits Who created these skirts for this collection. Take a look at their designs. Their main material is usually second hand and vintage ties with which they create all kinds of items from skirts to waistcoats to bags.


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