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Unlock the Potential of Surplus Materials with our Consultancy and Product Development Services

Are you searching for innovative solutions to transform surplus or discarded materials into new products?

We offer consultancy and development services tailored to help you harness the untapped potential of these resources.

we firmly believe that every material has the potential for a second life. Our expertise lies in providing guidance to organizations and companies seeking to create new, sustainable products from surplus materials such as used uniforms or old merchandising items.


By collaborating with us, you can unlock a range of possibilities to create unique and meaningful products that align with your Organisation values and sustainability goals.

Our consultancy and development services encompass:

Ideation and Conceptualization 

Material Sourcing and Assessment: We help identify and evaluate suitable surplus materials

Design and Prototyping: we will firstly develop prototypes to bring your vision to life

Manufacturing and Production Guidance: We provide guidance throughout the manufacturing process or we take care of the production

Process documentation: we will document the process so that you have photographic and video material to tell the story behind the products. 

No project is too big or too small for us. 

Together, we can explore new frontiers in sustainable fashion, minimize waste, and contribute to a more circular economy.

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