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"The body of the contemporary subject has become a commodity. It has been subjected to the logic of the market. The value of the body image has been accentuated under the protection of the visual model generated by the technologies of the image. This prototype of hegemonic beauty is the sign of the individual in Western society, the body of genetic engineering and aesthetic surgery.


In today's consumer society the contemporary individual becomes merchandise. His body, de-sacralized and de-idealized has become an object subject to the laws of the market. And, as such, it is able to be sold, exploited, manipulated, wasted, remodeled or refurbished, according to the guidelines that regulate the desires and dictates of the culture.


The contemporary subject has exiled his instinct to be in the hands of his desire, that drives, guides and organizes his life. But that desire lacks autonomy, it is in some way driven and conditioned by the logic of the market, which imposes its own parameters and value criteria.


The body as a commodity predisposes the subject to emphasize the profitability of beauty and image as a social capital: it is the image of the body that is possessed. And the adaptation to the socially desired aesthetic pattern is an essential attribute for the sale of the person. You have to appear at any cost, produce yourself to get a higher exchange value. It is the golden rule of the market, the creed of appearances. A tyranny that provokes typical attitudes of a destructured and illogical society, and promotes mutilation, suffering and self-flagellation for the sake of social acceptance."


Passages from: The creed of appearances. The mutants of the aesthetic surgery, by Gabriel Cocimano / Link


The creation process was the usual for us: the collection has been inspired by the items we have been collecting during the last year. The creative process starts when certain items connect themselves and bring up a idea by association. This gives birth to the concept.

This new collection is as usual season free, gender free and trends free. Aesthetically, the morphology of the pieces aims to reflect the diversity of the bodies. The idea is not to „correct“ them, to adapt them to a certain shape, but to include, represent and accept them.


The public will rediscover their favorite tHERAPY styles mixed and melted with new ideas and techniques. From the upcycled and reworked (edited) reclaimed materials, through differnt techniques and colors, “EDITED“ reflects about the tendency to edit our lives, be this on a screen, on our minds or our bodies.


Our memory is selective. It edits the past moments allowing a quicker access to "good" memories as to "bad" memories.

And our phones are nowadays our main ultimative editing tool. We expose an edited reality, the one we choose to show. We take hundreds of selfies to decide which one is the version of ourselves we want the world to see. We also edit our bodies, virtually (via filters, edition apps, photoshop) and for real (make up techniques, body building, diets, corsets, prosthesis, plastic surgery).


The edition per se is not judged.

The invitation is to reflect on the REASONS why we decide to hide, fake or modify reality. Are this imposed reasons? Is it all about fitting? About being accepted? By whom? And at the end of the day, are we achieving satisfacion? Or we end up lost on a spiral of discomfort?




Edited life


When the courtain falls and the lights goes out

the glass door becomes a mirror

and we dance with our innocence

to the rythm of the decades.


There is no filter, no edition

Only what our imagination creates

No legacy, no references

No walls, no ceiling

There is only time and space.


Freedom is our stage

and our audience always loves us.

When we dream and we dance

any day is a special night


Every glass is a mirror

No fears. We are together

Let's just dream and dance

Let's pretend one more time.


Empty the meanings, forget this walls

Even against the real mirror now

And every beat sounds like a hundred years ago


I guess our heads are full of commands

Let's forget what we didn't want to learn

Do you only see mistakes?

I can still see your innocence


There is no more time

Let's make space. Let's shine again.


No matter the mirror. We are enough for our dreams.


Let's not wear clothes made of other people's fears.

Insecurity doesn't suit your laugh.

I doesn't go with my instincts.


Let's inhabit this house again. Our temple.


And let's make space

Let's open the doors

Let's share

Wisdom only comes this way.


Lookbook mages by Nico Stinghe
Video credits: @agalma_

dop, editing @delludens

prod @dppln

track: psychic dvd - twilight

Video credits: 

Video + Edition by Nico Stinghe

Show images by Ralph Bergmann
Show images by Mauricio Torres
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