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RENT our items! 


If you are organising a project of any kind and you need our items just for one time, this is your option.

This is the best way to dress uniquely, support our work and be SUSTAINABLE all at the same TIME. 

We offer the possibility to rent our items, in these situations:


you are creating a personal portfolio or an artist's portfolio or you are putting together a commercial shoot 

Moving Act

you want to look unique on that one special occasion or you are a performer and need some special outfit for your live act or you are filming a music video

Fees for renting

Our rental fee is 25€ per item and per day. 

Minimum total cost per rental contract: 100€

If this is the first time you rent from us, a cash deposit will be required.

In any case, talk to us, let us know your budget. We are happy to collaborate with artists and performers. We are open to talk and work on a payment that is viable for you and fair to us.  

Please note: Not all of our items are available for renting. 

Prices apply to all items, including jewelry and other accessoires. 


YOur Advantage: RENT-TO-OWN 

If you decide to purchase the items after the rental, the rental fee will be deducted from the item price and you only pay the difference.  

Rent Contract


You will receive your own copy of the rental agreement with all policies detailed and the list of items with price and description. 

Returning the items


In case the rental is made in person, the items should preferably be returned by the person who signed the contract. we will check the items together.

How to chose the Items

Write / call us to Come visit our studio and check our items or check the items on our online shop that are not listed as sold out

Everything tht is online is at our studio.

But usually there are more pieces in the studio that are not online.

Please note: Not all of our items are available for renting. 


Items must be packed and sent back directly after they have been used.

Shipping costs are not included in the renting prices.

Damaged or lost items fees

Lost or damaged items will be assessed with the total value of the items.


All pieces must be returned in the same condition they were delivered: clean and free of stains and body odour. All returns will be assessed and an additional cleaning fee will be charged if required.



Items may not be altered to fit and must be returned in their original condition. Items may NOT be cut, dyed, painted or altered without written permission from our side. Tape, iron-on bonding-web, glue or any other type of adhesives may NOT be used on items.

If an item is returned altered or damaged, total price of the item will be charged.


If you are a stylist needing pieces for a fashion editorial and you think this can help us to promote our ethos and work, please check the loans page


We actively promote non-binarism, sex-positivity, diversity and inclusivity through our work. We are critic towards hetero-normativity, patriarchy and consumerism. We make CONSCIOUS FASHION, meaning socially responsible, circular and inclusive. We mind the planet and the people. Please read our Manifesto here

We believe in a wider vision of beauty than that normally promoted by mainstream fashion and media.

Therefore it would be contradictory for us to take part on editorials where: 

- FAST FASHION is involved. We offer an alternative to fast fashion. Fast Fashion is killing our planet. Also, fast fashion brands copy and plagiarize new and independent designers. We kindly encourage you to not use FAST FASHION along our items, and in general :)

- the faces or bodies of the models are digitally retouched to fit the mainstream beauty canons of the Nordic Western world.
If there are models that naturally represent this beauty canon, it would be ideal if there were, alongside these models, other models that represent the beauty of human diversity.

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