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Our first circular series

During 2021 we worked on our first series of complements with an outsourced production, in our headquarters in Córdoba, Argentina. We were advised by the studio Cromosoma Diseño Social, who guided and helped us in the development of these products.

For the first time, we also worked with external sewing workshops. The premise was to generate our first line of triple impact products, which not only reused discarded or unused materials, putting them into circulation in the most efficient and durable way possible, but also generated value for our community. In this case, it was entrepreneurial women like us.

Both sourcing of raw materials and production were entirely local. Only the thick straps which used for the harnesses straps are materials sourced from unsold stock found in Berlin.


serie_therapy_upcycling_personas-1 (1).JPEG

Cromosoma Diseño Social

team helped us in the development of the products. Their tasks were:

Adaptation of designs to material possibilities

Material selection

Pattern making

Prototyping and re-sampling

Pattern fitting

Raw material sourcing

Technical data sheets


In-house cutting adapting materials to proposed designs

Production coordination

Quality control


In terms of manufacturing, one of the goals was to create fair employment at the local level, and to allow knowledge transfer. We worked both with independent seamstresses and with teams already assembled with their own workshops and machinery. They all set their own rates and work times. They worked on different types of products according to their experience and know-how. Knowledge transfer took place during consultancies to involved seamstresses who usually did not work with reused materials or applying upcycling techniques. 


Participating manufacturers

Cosiendo Rebeldía (Verónica, Flavia, Irene), sewing workshop // 

Gilda Rojas,, seamstress //

Maricel Gonzalez, dressmaker //

Carolina Gigena, leather goods workshop //

Natalia Cabezas, embroiderer //




The process began in our own ateliers, where we had accumulated over the years discarded textiles and other materials. From the observation of their characteristics and quantities, we thought of developing scalable products that would make the most of them.

We designed six products based on our philosophy: ADAPTABILITY to different bodies, VERSATILITY and MULTIFUNCTIONALITY to extend the life cycle of materials, without gender and without season. 

Thus were born the interchangeable mini bag, the tote-backpack, a backpack and handbag, the top adjustable to different sizes, and the small accessories: scrunchies, small purses and keychain pendants. The latter were designed from the smallest discards, to make the process as waste-zero as possible. 

Together with Cromosoma we analyzed the materials, which differed not only in their quantities but also in their morphology and qualities. We determined the feasibility of manufacturing and set time and quantity goals. 

The production time was one year. 


From second hand (post-consumer waste):

- Jeans

- Donated tent fabrics

- Sportswear

From production leftovers (pre-consumer waste):

- Denim, production leftovers of “Rock and Jeans” brand production.


From remaining stock (pre-consumer waste): 

- Harness straps



The goal was to create triple impact products.

ENVIRONMENTAL // Our raw materials are discarded materials that are recovered and reused. Sourcing and production are local and low scale, reducing the carbon footprint.

SOCIAL // Different local actors participated, generating knowledge transfer and a source of income.

ECONOMIC // The goal was to generate a profitable business for all involved, which is sustainable over time.








denim kilograms //

second-hand jeans



metres of denim //

industrial remnants



metres of straps //

merchandise remnants


CIRCULity //

repair and resale SERVICe //

We have designed these items based on circular economy concepts, a production and consumption model that involves sharing, renting, reusing, repairing, renewing and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible. 

We invite you to be part of the change towards another way of relating to each other and to the finite resources of the planet that sustains us. 

If you have decided to become a user of our products, this is what you can contribute: give them as many uses as possible, take care of them and make them last, pass them to other hands when you no longer use them, repair them when necessary.

We will be present throughout the whole cycle providing you with our services. 

How? In two ways:

1) If your complement is broken or damaged, we offer you the repair or replacement of its parts, whenever a repair is possible. 

2) From the second year after your initial purchase, you will be able to resell your items through our platforms. We help you to keep it in circulation.

Write to us with your inquiry:

In Argentina: paula (at)

In Germany: mariangeles (at)


Also available at PLATTE.BERLIN

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