We consider ourselves makers. We re-make fashion. And we want to change the perspective that fashion is something superficial and related to exclusiveness.


Fashion is a channel for self expression. And fashion is art. Fashion is actually the most inclusive form of art, because it requires the active participation of both, the maker and the wearer. You'll find an amazing article supporting this vision here.

And by mending, adding something, cutting something off, adapting, and reusing the things you have in your own wardrobe, you can not only become your own favourite (sustainable) designer. You become EMPOWERED, by two capabilities we all have: CREATIVITY and our capacity to MAKE THINGS with our own hands. The result can only be authentic and unique, as every person. And we love that.

Fashion is self expression


Fashion shouldn't be an industry of dissatisfaction and a trigger for consumerism anymore. We are missing so much by seeing it that way!

It is actually a very powerful tool for experimenting, discovering and communicating something about ourselves and the society.


How many times in history, how many people in memorable moments has used fashion as a form of protest, to make a difference or to make an statement?

We need to become aware: what wear says something about us, about our choices, about how we see ourselves and the world. Even when we use the most basic and minimalistic items. (Think about where it comes from, who made it, etc). 

Fashion has an enorm impact on this planet because it uses so many precious resources and because the most of the people working on fashion is exploided and kept poor, living and working under terrible conditions. But also, fashion is a tool available for everybody, a chance to enhance our uniqueness as individuals and to make us stronger as a community. When you see fashion that way, then FASHION becomes EMPOWERING.

Upcycling means upgrading

When we repair, rework and upcycle materials, we are adding value to a piece. We are upgrading something that was degraded, dismissed or had lost its original value for wathever reasons it may be. When we upcycle we re-value materials but also rescue values. 


The values that we rescue are the time, the energy, the creativity, the inventiveness and abilities that implies the construction or deconstruction of a garment. We rescue the true value of clothes.

We need to re-connect with the making processes of the things que use, wear and own in order to understand their VALUE, and this value is given by the working time, the materials and the skills of the makers.

Upcycling means for us even more. 

It means QUESTIONING what is given and is normally not suposed to be questioned. While upcycling we are re-thinking the original utility of the garment, its original value. And we have the opportunity to think about the loss of value, the failures on it, the breakage, the abandonment by its original owner, the programmed durability or obsolescence for that material. When we upcycle we make questions about the function and characteristics of the material or piece, responding with a different (improved) functionality and durability.

We think upcycling is esential at this stage of mass production, because it help us re-educate ourselves to be able to understand that there is a lot of work, ressources and people involved in every piece. And finally, to be able to understand (again) the value of things. 


We believe REUSING things that have already been made and used, is one of the most integral ways of being sustainable, but also the most educative, accesible, interactive and inclusive way of involving ourselves with materials. Upcycling is and should remain an open source activity. 


At tHERAPY we don't see consciousness as an option. We believe all designed objects should be made to last, respecting the people and the environment at all stages of the life cycle.


What do we make?

We make unique fashion with an accent on authenticity and uniqueness, but also consciousness and awareness.

We create all kind of weareable pieces. We love getting inspired by what we find. Our concepts and collections are born from the mixture of the materials we find and our ideas. 

Our greatest inspiration and first contact with upcycling was our grandmother and, by inheritance of customs, our mother, who passed it on to us. 

Our grandmother was dressmaker and upcycler. In fact, all grandmothers were upcyclers because they reused things, either repairing them or transforming them partially or totally into something new. Upcycling is a new word, but not a new concept.

Formerly when the industry did not mass produce and clothes and other things were made by hand they were much more expensive. Because of that, almost all kinds of articles were reused again and again until they were no longer useful, either with their original function or giving them new functions.

Get inspired with materials as us with this videos of artists talking about the "Poetry of Discarded Materials":

Aesthetic is a trigger. Transgression is an opportunity to evolve

We work crossing and avoiding aesthetic limitations such as "trends" and blurring the line between accessories and clothing pieces. We focus on the (multi)functionality of a piece, overlapping and combining layers of meanings and functions. It is important to us what a piece communicates and the (multi)functionality of it. 

The multifunctionality is an invitation to the user to be an active participant in the aesthetics and meanings of the piece.

We do not want our clothes to be a dictatorship of what we think, that their finality or meaning ends where we say. Each user has options and the possibility of choosing and creating new meanings.

We do not want passive users (consumers) but users that actively continue to add value to the garments.

Many times our style has been related to fetish and punk, it is truth and we embrace it. Watch this video to understand how we understand punk:

There is also a lot of sexual energy channeling in what we do. We believe sex is one of the most important blank pages to understand our identity and to to write our own story.

Take this excerpt from our interview with Kate Black from Magnifeco y EcoSessions:

“The aesthetic is quite fetish and sexy - this is not so common in ethical fashion, why?


Because we combine two issues: sustainability with self expression and authenticity. The half of our work is to help free people's minds and research in their own identity to embrace their uniqueness. Sex is related to gender and it’s a very important aspect in the lives of human beings, we should celebrate instead of condemn or hide our sexuality.” 

We experiment a lot with materials, techniques and styles. We are inspired by positive-activism and aesthetically by urban subcultures. We love audacity, boldness and transgression because we truly believe they are an opportunity for individuals and societies to EVOLVE.

Conscious fashion means to us a fashion that helps researching about and representing the own identity, posibilitating being more in touch with ourselves and with others.

We believe conscious fashion can also be daring, kinky, alternative and experimental. It can be bold and excentric. And it is definitely political.

This what we do is our way of being ACTIVISTS and we want to motivate you to join us.


We describe our fashion with the words EMPOWERING SUBCOUTOURE & ALTERNATIVE UPCYCLING. And our message is JOIN US AND LET'S #REMAKEFASHION​.


It's is not another marketing-strategic rebellion


We believe it is a point in time in this planet when we need to RETHINK the way we live, work and treat each otherand this planet, our only home. Let's rethink the way we produce and consume, and to ACT to improve things.


We believe in creating our own path, our own way to do things, based on our OWN IDEA of growth and success. Did you ever questioned the ideas that the economical system called capitalism take for "normal" and try puts in your mind trough publicity and the cultural industry 24 hours a day? We just say: be critical, question things. Don't just swallow it.

Lately we have been reading about the idea of ECONOMICAL DEGROWTH.

"Under "degrowth" or "post-growth” we understand an economic management and a society in which the objective to achieve is the well-being of everyone, respecting the ecological foundation of life. This requires not only a fundamental change in our way of life, but also an integral cultural transformation.

The guiding principle of our current economy and society is "more, more and more", which conditions and encourages competition between people. On the one hand, this implies acceleration, excessive demands and the exclusion of certain people. In addition, this economic model destroys our natural means of subsistence as well as the habitat of flora and fauna. We are convinced that the common values ​​of a society that overcomes the imperative of growth must be full awareness, solidarity and cooperation. Humanity must be understood as a part of the planet's ecosystem. Only in this way will it be possible to achieve a life in dignity and self-determination for all people." SOURCE: degrowth.info

So, when someone asks us about our plans of growing and our incomes, we answer explaning how much we have grown ans human beings in the last 6 years. Yes, of course we plan to keep on growing. There is so much to learn!

For whom is this tHERAPY?

tHERAPY started as a creative healing therapy for ourselves, because we felt a part of us did not fit into the (fashion) system, but we realized on the way that our goal is actually not to fit in, and that what we do is a therapy for the system, which is the one that needs to change.

We want to detoxify fashion and detoxify what the system that feeds it, produces in us.

Do you also want to wear clothes that make sense for you and the planet? That allow you to express your individuality but with be at the same time meaningful and care for your community and the planet? Then join us and be part of our community. 

We don't only sell our creations. We also share tutorials and offer workshops to inspire and motivate you to be also creative with your own wardrobe. Check our YouTube and IGTV channels.


Contact us if you have suggestions or proposals. We are open for collaborations. 


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