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HELLO Berlin SPRING?! Reasons to be happy anyway

Discounts for donations, new creations, new stockist & Friday studio sales

Spring is not yet completely here but we have reasons to be happy anyway!

tHERAPY is our space for joy, experimentation and renewal. So it always gives us motives, no matter the weather. Come, feel the season change and the warmth... at least inside of you!

a model wearing upcycled top from plastic by therapy recylce and exorcise on kaltblut magazine berlin
New therapy feature on Kaltblut Magazine

Reason #1. Feature on Kaltblut Magazine


Upcycled fashion can be daring, excentric, elegant and also glossy. Whatever it is, it is already an important player in fashion.

A new magazine feature of our pieces is up on Kaltblut Magazine from Berlin, thanks to the amazing shoot VIOLET NIGHTS by photographer Terence Whitaker and stylist Emily Hawkins. Some of the piece are still available on our ONLINE SHOP


Reason #2. We (still) have a sale going on


Yeay ! It is still going on and some discounted items are still available. Don't be too late coz they are flying!

If you are based in Berlin or coming to the city, we are OPEN EVERY FRIDAY 1 to 7 pm and all the items from the online shop you can come and check and try in person at our showroom.

Actually we have always other vintage and discounted items that never make it online because they fly!


Reason #3. Recirculating your clothes is rewarded


Did you know that you can bring clothes that you no longer wear to donate to our studio? If you bring items to donate and re-circulate, we can give you discounts for new items. WIN WIN!

We currently do not accept jeans, t-shirts, coats, winter clothes, clothes with damaged or dirty fabrics. You can bring leather clothing, party wear, vintage clothing as well as costume jewelry and other accessories such as jewelry or handbags (even broken). You can send us images in advance if your prefer. Please note we will do a selection and only take those we can reuse. Whatever we do not accept as donation you can leave with us anyway and we take care of recirculating it.


Reason #4. We have new unique pieces going online from today! Check the items below


We will be also restocking our stores from this week. Some have already been restocked last week. Check the list of our stockist in your city here.


Reason #5. Last but not least, we have a new stockist in town!


Yeay! We are super happy to have a new home in Berlin Friedrichshain: HAHAYOURUGLY, One of the best, more fun vintage, second hand and independent designers store in the city. Run by local entrepreneurs! Find from today our unqiue pieces, also our bags are there!

See you this and all seasons for more happiness!

Angie & Poli


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