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Upcycling Work & Shop. SAVE THE DATES

For those who always ask for our next upcycling workshop, here it is. And we have doubled the bet!

all about upcycling!

NEMONA, therapy Recycle and Exorcise and PLATTE.Berlin make upcycling, the big trend topic of the fashion scene.

From 14. 27.04.22, you can take part in different upcycling workshops, a panel talk and an upcycling pop up shop at PLATTE.Berlin in Memhardstraße 8 at Alexanderplatz.

Overproduction and fast fashion are one of the biggest CO2 drivers in the global world. A large part of the clothing produced is not sold at all, but is disposed in an environmentally damaging way. "Germans alone throw away one million tonnes of old clothes every year, with around 25% of them unworn," explains Sören Benn, District Mayor of Pankow.

In the upcycling process, creations are redesigned from existing materials without generating any further waste.

Used textiles are upgraded or repurposed, remnants from industrial overproduction and discarded fabrics and cuts from the previous season are used for new designs. This results in exclusive and unique creations that are often handmade.

The UPCYCLING Work & Shop presents concepts and techniques for upcycling in the textile sector.

21 upcycling designers present their products, which will be also for sale.

Fashion Labels: (shoes)

@dyslexiq (bags)

@sica_up (bags and rugs)

@wertraum (bags, paper)

The event takes place in the context of Fashion Revolution Week.


Upcycling Shop 14-27.04.2022

Mon-Thu 12:00 to 19:00 and Fri-Sat 12:00 to 20:00


14.04.22 at 5pm Opening with concert from Agente Costura: making music out of making clothes @agentecostura


19.04.22 at 4 pm Workshop Visible Mending, Viviana Vecchi, Vive Up. duration 1,5hs approximately

21.04.22 at 6 pm Panel Talk moderated by Mariangeles Aguirre, therapy Recycle and Exorcise. Speakers: A-Gain Guide, Circular Sweater Project, Daniel Kroh, Fade Out Label. duration 1,5hs approximately

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE. Please register here:

25.04.22 at 4pm Workshop Radical Disruption , M. Aguirre, therapy Recycle and Exorcise. duration 1,5hs approximately

26.04.22 at 4 pm Workshop Give a Weave, Simone SimonaTO, Sica Upcycling Design. duration 1,5hs approximately

Location of all events: Platte.Berlin, Memhardstraße 8, 10178 Berlin am Alexanderplatz

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