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noTie bulgaro

noTie bulgaro

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Reworked vintage tie. Decorated with side ruffles from fabric scraps, spikes and chains. Snap button closure.

Length: 137 cm  
Width: 2,5 cm to 7 cm maximum

Material: unknown, probably polyester
Colour: dark blue, details in brown, red, yellow, black ruffles

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Before clicking the "buy now" button:

- If you have questions about sizing, please contact us before you buy or see our Size Conversion Guide


- Shipping produces a carbon footprint that we want to minimize as much as possible.


- Our recycled and reworked items are made from second-hand, discarded or vintage materials. We choose these materials to provide the best possible quality and longest lasting items, but this also means that the original materials may contain marks from previous uses. 
Our items are updated, upgraded and built to last. There is no planned obsolescence on our part. 
We repair and clean parts, but sometimes wear marks are not possible to remove. And we don't always want to remove them, as they can add to the beauty of the item. These marks speak to the history and journey of the materials. Now you are part of this journey. Make them last by caring for them. Adopt them and love them.

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