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NEW EDITORIAL UP ON 33 MAGAZINE. We don’t need new things. We need imagination

Our last shoot called WE DON'T NEED NEW THINGS. WE NEED IMAGINATION is up and printed on @33magazine FUTURISM NOW! Fall/Winter 20/21 Issue

We love the extra edit of the shoot manifesto. Thanks so much to Mira Postolache for always supporting our work! GET YOUR COPY AND CHECK IT HERE.


This issue is about an ethical + sustainable future, human rights + Black Lives Matter. They are our future! They are futurists! Futurists believe that a simple one-dimensional or single-discipline orientation is not satisfactory. Trans-disciplinary approaches that take complexity seriously are necessary. Systems thinking, particularly in its evolutionary dimension, is also crucial. Futurists are motivated by change. And our world needs change. We love you

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