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NEW COLLECTION and upcoming fashion shows

Introducing the ANTAGONIA COLLECTION 2024 by tHERAPY Recycle and Exorcise and our upcoming Fashion shows.

New collection by therapy recylce and exorcise and upcoming shows
Antagonia SS24 tHERAPY Recycle and Exorcise

We are thrilled to present our latest collection, ANTAGONIA.

Antagonia reimagines garments traditionally associated with productivity, functionality and the patriarchal system, transforming them into new morphologies that envision alternative, regenerative worlds.

These worlds are not governed by consumption or the domination of one gender or species over another.

The collection features deconstructed garments, fragmented into modules and experimentally reassembled with laces and ties. Inspired by the organic world, these new forms create a tension with the artificial nature of the materials used.

Our materials contrast both in their structures and their meanings, juxtaposing representations of supposedly opposing worlds. We merge and challenge traditional symbols of power and submission, opulence and scarcity, femininity and masculinity, nature and humanity, past and future, and finally the lights and shadows that coexists inside all of us.

We also incorporate a permanent theme in our work: the tension between consumerism and planetary limits.

The designs feature incomplete silhouettes, asymmetrical figures, blurred or exaggerated contours, gender blends, geometric and organic shapes. These elements create a visual narrative that challenges traditional fashion paradigms and encourages a re-evaluation of our relationship with clothing, beauty and our bodies.

the unique and contradictory nature of the collection, reflects the essence of human existence. Each piece encapsulates conflicting forces, representing a harmonious discord that opens a dialogue for reflection, balance and coexistence.

Sustainable and Ethical Practices

As with all our collections, ANTAGONIA is crafted entirely from discarded materials from the textile industry, leather goods (pre-consumer discard), and used garments and accessories (post-consumer discard). We are committed to zero-waste practices, reusing waste from previous collections and other sources.

In line with previous collections like Pampa Outlaw (2017), Now On and Edited (2018) System Failure (2019), and Awake (2020), we use discards from the textile and leather goods industries in Argentina, as well as vintage and second-hand garments that arrives to the global south from developed countries. These garments enter used clothing markets in South America, and we bring them back into circulation in Europe. Our message is clear: the wealth of some should not come at the expense of other humans and nature.

Inclusivity and Diversity

From the beginning, tHERAPY has championed inclusivity and diversity of bodies, genders, and skins. We believe that a more creative, diverse fashion industry that contributes positively to society, mental health, and planetary health is not only possible but already exists, especially in the hands of independent creatives, designers, and small brands.

Here a small preview of the collection!

Collection Shoot team:

- Photographer: Terry Whitaker

- MUAH Artist: Caro Lazo

- Styling by: Angie & Poli Aguirre from tHERAPY

New Collection Fashion shows

the collection will be presented at the Fashion Experience "La Encartada Moda" on its 10th edition in Bilbao, Spain, on June 8, 2024, at 6:30 pm. You can find the full program here.

We will also showcase the collection in Berlin during Berlin Fashion Week on July 4 at Pandora Gallery in Kreuzberg, in a special show organised together with Fade Out Label and Tata Christiane.

Apart from the show on the evening of Thursday, july 4, there will be a pop-up store from July 1st to the 5th on the ground floor of the gallery showcasing pieces from the three Brands.

Stay tuned for more details coming very soon!

We invite you to join us and to engage in a dialogue about the future of fashion, sustainability and inclusivity.

Stay connected with us for more updates!

With love,

The tHERAPY Recycle and Exorcise Team

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