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Join our version of Berlin Fashion Week

We start July with a new collection and OUR OWN Berlin FASHION WEEk event!

In July Berlin goes fashion, then from 11 to 15 of July Berlin Fashion week is happening. And we are part of it wether they want it or not!

Or better said... we are creating our own version of Fashion Week. And you are invited!

New denim upcycling collection. Dresses and skirts made from jeans

But first things first.

Did you check our new collection JEANS ADDICTION? If not, do it now!

This collection is mainly made up of unique pieces that required long hours of artisan work. we have also created small series of dresses, tops and corsets.

Asymmetrical Mesh dresses made with scraps of elastic fabrics that we have been collecting are added as an extra in a different material to the collection.



Studio Upcycling


Späti Styling

we are creating our own version of Fashion Week in our studio and in the public space.

Why are we hosting this event?

The reality is, although we have legally registered businesses and pay our rent, we lack a dedicated physical space for hosting events. hosting events and other activities is essential for to attract new audiences, foster connections, generate synergies, and support our livelihoods.

So we went knocking on doors in our neighborhood. The wonderful Späti Netpoint Spätimarkt across the street (also from immigrats like us) generously offered us a portion of their outdoor space, complete with tables and chairs, to hold the second half of our event.

Come and witness the power of community coming together!

Through this event, we aim to spark conversations on various issues.

First and foremost, we want to encourage a rethinking of our consumption and disposal habits when it comes to clothing. Abandoned clothes cluttering our neighborhood streets present an urban problem that upcycling offers affordable and creative solutions for. Join us to discover the magic of reusing!

Secondly, we strive to shed light on the challenges faced by Berlin's artists and creatives when it comes to workspace. We are the backbone of Berlin's creative scene. This is actually the most recognized aspect of Berlin and the one that attracts tourists and investors. But without space, we can't do what we do. Are art and creative professions less important than others?

Lastly, we want to share our stories as women, migrants, and entrepreneurs. Working independently in a creative field is an unpredictable adventure, and the journey becomes even more challenging as female migrants. We have had to start from scratch, often facing bureaucratic hurdles that take three times as long to navigate as it does for locals, even if we can speak German.

Who are WE?

Let's come together, get to know one another, offer each other support, collaborate, and break barriers. Let's recycle more and reshape our future, together.

Challenges and barriers for female entrepreneurs
Challenges and barriers for female entrepreneurs. Source: The Break Fellowship / McKinsey.



July 15th, 11AM to 9PM


At two locations in KREUZBERG: our studio in Forster Str. 57 and our späti across the street: Netpoint Spätimarkt, Reichenberger Str. 119.



11am - 2pm OPEN STUDIO DAY


- S A L E ! Check out Therapy's newest collection at 10% OFF AND OTHER ITEMS UP TO 30% OFF

- Upcycling SERVICES on the spot with Josefina STUDIO

- Get glitter for your next festival from Projekt Glitter

- Free DRINKS & Music

2pm-4pm Upcycled Accessories Workshop



An interactive accessory upcycling workshop, where you can unleash your creativity and learn the art of repurposing.

Led by Josefina Studio and Therapy Berlin, this hands-on workshop invites attendees to explore techniques to transform discarded or broken materials into extraordinary accessories.

We invite participants of all skill levels to delve into the world of upcycling and unlock their creative potential.

Please bring your own old / broken or used accessories to upcycle. The idea is that you find value in the objects you already own.

What to bring? What items we will upcycle and create?

- necklaces

- earrings

- belts / BELT PARTS

- harnesses

- bag straps / bag parts

- rings

- bracelets

Feel free to bring any materials that you could use for your creations like keys, locks, chains, cords, trimmings, shoe laces.

There will be extra materials and tools available.



Street Take Over from 17.00 to 21.00 at Netpoint Spätimarkt, across the street from our studio, on the corner with Reichenbergerstr. (Reichenberger Str. 119, 10999 Berlin)

After the workshop, we will bring upcycling and creativity to the public space.

Bring your best upcycled outfit or get styled with our pieces and be part of our street style photoshoot taking place at our nearby späti, where we will install a styling corner and a photobooth.

At the same time, discover the story behind the exhibited garments and materials that were transformed into one-of-a-kind accessories and clothing pieces in our street exhibition.

Relax and celebrate our version of BERLIN FASHION WEEK while we invite you with some bubbles, music in an atmosphere buzzing with creativity, diversity and good vibes.


therapy berlin and josefina studio. This is us!
therapy berlin and josefina studio. This is us!

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