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Launch of SUPRA COLLECTIVE virtual showroom for Latin American upcycling fashion brands

Supra, the Latin American collective of supra-recyclers of which we are part, launched a virtual showroom on December 20 that brings together some of the best upcycling and zero waste designers from Latin America.

The new Supra virtual ahowroom and store

The 360 ​​° virtual gallery that exhibits sustainable clothing and accessories was created in alliance with, and aims to promote the work of upcyclers throughout Latin America and the world under the collaborative spirit that brings us together. This is the first initiative created by us as a collective and it is open to more brands to join in the future.

Within the platform, visitors are able to access a virtual tour that emulates a hangar where each brand has its own space in which its products are exhibited. By clicking on them, customers can read about the brand, watch their promotion videos or be redirected to their respective online stores.

Clothing and accessories brands involved 12na and Y.A.N.G participate from Chile; from Bolivia is Zef Upcycling; from Uruguay GAIA and from Argentina, Biótico, García Bello and us from Therapy Recycle & Exorcise.

Supra, is a digital community formed by a group of interdisciplinary Latin American professionals who collaborate by working to make visible and promote a network made up of projects related to upcycling. The platform is open for more brands and project to join.

Check SUPRA here.



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