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Pre-Christmas Upcycling Workshop. Our last WorkshOp this year. Open for all!

Let's learn the basics of Upcycling and get hands on tools and materials in this 2 hour workshop.

Open for all interested in learning more techniques or sewing for the first time! We from tHERAPY Berlin and Josefina Studio, offer this Upcycling Workshop so that you can re-purpose clothes you don't wear anymore, or that you found at the flea market, or even on the street. It's time to give them a second life, either for you, or to gift for Christmas. Language: English/German/Spanish

Duration: 2 hours

Where: Shared atelier Josefina Studio + Therapy Berlin (Forster Strasse 57, 10999 Kreuzberg, Berlin).

Cost: €19,30 p/p

Capacity: 8 ppl

What to know:

Please bring either 2 upper, or 2 lower pieces (E.g. 2 shirts or 2 pants) to turn into one final piece. We will have experimentation and design time at the beginning, and then depending on the pieces you bring, we'll help you make the final piece.

You are also welcome to bring any extra materials you would like to have just in case like elastic, patches, reflective, sequins, metals, zippers, etc.

We will have available for use 3 overlocker machines, and 4 regular sewing machines, 2 punch pressers to apply metals, cutting and sewing materials, and some trimmings. BOOK YOUR TICKET HERE NOW!


Find our discounted items and new items added for our tHERAPY+TOTEM CAPSULE COLLECTION.

Together with FRANCISCO PEREZ @totemarte we created this capsule redesigning, painting and upcycling different UNISEX pieces such a jackets, coats, vests and pants.

We want you to have the chance to have that piece you loved so much, or to make a present for someone you love.

Check our sale HERE

Showroom-Atelier visit days buy - rent - swap directly AT OUR SHOWROOM-atelier for the last time before the holidays this week! IN OUR SHOWROOM-atelier we have all our upcycling clothing and accessories from our online shop -and those we have not yet published- on display and for sale with special prices. Also vintage / second Hand pieces. You can bring pieces you don't use anymore and swap with our swap box or receive discounts for when buying items. Location: Forster Str. 57, 10999 in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Nearest Ubahn Station Görlitzer Bahnhof or M29 Spreewaldplatz.

WE will be open on Friday and Saturday, but there might be some last minute time changes. Please check our communications on instagram and contact us and let us know when you would like to come.

tHERAPY Berlin HQ: Break from mid December From December 13 we go on a mix of break and working at our Argentinian HQ, tHERAPY Argentina. FIND OUR ITEMS ON OUR SELECTED STORES - You will find us non stop IN SHOPS in Berlin + Amsterdam + London + Buenos Aires + Cordoba Check the stores HERE. SHOWROOM - Our Showroom / Atelier will be open for visits by request ONLY from December 13 until March 2023. Write us on INSTAGRAM or to to make your appointment. ONLINE SHOP - Our online shop will be closed from December 11 until March 2023. Stay tuned! We will be communicating news for 2023 on all our channels.

A personal message FROm US, POLi & ANGIE:

Thank you for your support to our work and to circular fashion through this year!

It has been amazing to have again our own workspace and have you all coming to visit us in person again after the pandemic!

we wish you an amazing end of the year and a much better 2023 for you, your beloved ones, all living beings and the planet.


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