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Feature on upcycling article

we are deeply honored to have been featured in the beautiful article "Upcycling, a History of an (anti-)fashion technique?" by Emma Pédurand and the renowned Berlin-based brand TATA Christiane by Julie Bourgeois, alongside our other lovely colleague and huge inspiration Fade Out Label.

The article delves into the political and aesthetic dimensions of upcycling, reflecting on its significance in the realms of sustainability, consumption, and social history.

It also sheds light on the anthropological roots of upcycling, emphasizing its enduring presence as a means of survival and creative expression. it also highlights the critical role of upcycling in navigating the consequences of mass production and the escalating environmental impact of the fashion industry.

It beautifully captures the essence of embracing imperfections and the spontaneous beauty that arises from the creative process of upcycling.

As we extend our heartfelt gratitude to TATA Christiane and Emma Pédurand for their insightful exploration, we are inspired to continue our journey in promoting sustainable and mindful fashion, one that celebrates the artistry of repurposing and the narratives woven into each upcycled creation.

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