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Collection presented at the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week - SS16


This collection was an hommage to women that from within the system broke rules and created better ones for themselves, gaining power, respect, independence and freedom. By doing this they transceded their times.

We believe that only changing the stablished orden from within, we can create a better one. Exactly that is also what many people do with fashion, from within the fashion bussines.



As in every collection we have worked on, we choose a concept that help us catching attention upon authenticity and sustainability in fashion. This concept is a trigger that serves as initial inspiration. Based on it, we produce pieces that together they work as a whole. Even if we work everytime with different concepts and materials, we remain faithful to our aestethic: we identify ourselves with the imaginery and icons of social and artistic movements as camp art, kitsch, erotica, punk, rock, the underground and independent music and arts scene from the 70s to today. In this mix, popular art and regional aesthetic from our country must always be present.

We consider we should never forget or undervalue our own roots.


„Courtesans“ is a capsule collection based on the idea of transcending our times, searching for freedom and giving something back to society. The idea of breaking rulesand creating new and better ones.

Interview + editorial featured on Bricks Magazine

Photo: Mariángeles Aguirre and Paula Aguirre
Styling: Mariángeles and Paula Aguirre
Back: Nico Stinghe anothersidewalk
Models: Danny Levi Bryce-Maurice / Clara Chocomel
Special thanks to Nico Stinghe from AnotherSideWalk studio.
Featured on Antimuse and
Therapy + recycle and exorcise at the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week SS16
PH by Jesus Pastor, Shadowlights, Michael Wittig