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Berlin Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2022 - September 2021 - Recap

This Berlin Fashion Week was a blast! We are thankful with all initiatives that created a space for a better, more inclusive, open minded and innovative fashion and allowed us to share it with amazing colleagues to whom we now feel more connected.

We believe that working to strengthen communities and peer-to-peer collaboration is the best thing a platform can make to really change the fashion system.

This were OUR EVENTS

This last berlin fashion week we were part of the event fashion open studio x mercedes Benz fashion week where 14 fashion innovators were part of an exhibition at Kraftwekr Berlin, the main venue of this fashion week, a showcase with models performing in our clothes and a series of open studio videos.

@Fash_Rev’s showcase initiative @FashionOpenStudio takes place as a fundamental element of MBFW. The initiative highlights designers who are actively working to find solutions to key challenges – from tackling studio waste to responsible production and sourcing to finding ways to integrate their businesses with social enterprise initiatives to help create more mindful, purposeful industry standards.


we from @therapy_berlin opened the doors to our studio to show how we create textiles with a purpose, ensuring fair working conditions and a sustainable approach to garment making that focuses on circularity.

open studio visit video

Watch all Studio Visits on


The fully digital showcase by FOS x MBFW combined a video presentation to give some exclusive behind-the-scenes impressions and a fashion show that includes the following 14 designers: ANCIELA, ANEKDOT, BARABARA, BUKI AKOMOLAFE, CHURCH OF THE HAND, #DAMUR, EMEKA, FADE OUT LABEL, GRANDMA WOULD APPROVE, NEW BLUE, RAFAEL KOUTO, SOUP ARCHIVE, THERAPY and TOP MANTA.

showcase video


Credits: Tim Sonntag for Nowadays Berlin

Social Media: @mbfw-berlin @tim_sonntag_ @bungalow_kreativbuero

FOS × MBFW EXHIBITION Spring/Summer 2022