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Baustellen - New Berlin Editorial

🚧NEW SHOOT “Baustellen“ 🚧

We are super thankful for have been selected to be part if this amazing work. Although realised month ago, it seems accurately dystopian for the times we are living 🚧

The aesthetic if this photographic series is influenced by the futuristic vision of cult sci-fi 80s movies and the newer synth wave movement.

A sequence full of contrasts: a selection of delicate fabrics and cold materials are blended in an industrial urban set design. The make up underlines the contradiction.

Half steel, half skin. Half finished , half work in progress.

A dystopian ode to Berlin’s never-ending construction sites.

Baustellen it is a personal project carried out last year in the streets of Berlin and also in a home studio, born from an idea a few years ago and finally done during the hottest day of summer.

Photographer: @denoise

Styling: @f_abasolo

Make up & Hair: @carolinalazo_makeup

Set/production design: @marcelaurivi.



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