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Use your colors

One summer afternoon we were invited to play, dance and wear magical clothes to this amazing place. The atelier of the Berlin based artist Juan M. Pozo.

Rodrigo Senattore fixed this afternoon on images.

Use your colors

Polarization. Death of nuances. We become colorblind.

Algorithms without rhythm. We dance alone.

Divide et impera. Fatigue et impera. Confuse et impera. Seduce et impera. The new imperialism.

Indifference is mediocrity. Imitation is mediocrity. Fanaticism is mediocrity. Lack of criticism is mediocrity. Capital(ism) sins.

Our mediocrity feeds this failed system.

Stop. Rest. Reset. Regenerate.

Question. Be critical. Explore. Create. Unite. Love.

Use your colors.

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