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  • Mariángeles Aguirre

Modern Life; Empowering Subcouture. EDITORIAL ON Subvrt Mag

The editorial ‘Modern Life’ was taken with analog film by Berlin based photographer Luciana Damiao, with the film being made by Matt Freiheit from 93degreesmedia.

The election of analog photography and two historical locations as backgrounds, allow art and architecture to be the extra tools that help us explore and understand our connection with creations and designs from the past to the present. The locations are an abandoned and empty building from the seventies, the Bierpinsel, and the populated and full of life Unité d’habitation from Le Corbusier, built in 1957. All clothing pieces and accessories are by tHERAPY Recycle & Exorcise in Berlin, Germany & Córdoba, Argentina. Hats by Alaska Accesorios, handmade and customised in Córdoba, Argentina.


Photography: Luciana Damiao @lu_damiao – Model: Nati Cerutti (DJ and artist) @naticerutti____ / Video: Matt Freiheit @93degreesmedia /

FASHION: Betiana Pavón [ALASKA ] @alaska_accesorios

Mariángeles & Paula Aguirre [tHERAPY Recycle & Exorcise] @therapy_recyclexorcise_berlin /


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