Workwear Jacket Backpack Red

Workwear Jacket Backpack Red


This is a vintage original workwear jacket. It's reworked with security belts on back and front to be worn as backpack. Made to improve your concert or festival experience! Avoid the wardrobe extra cost, keep it with you at all times comfortably. 


Colours: red, black belts, silver metal details

100% cotton


Women's XL - XXL / 40-42 EU

Men's M - L / 48 -50 EU

Shoulders width: 64cm  

Total lenght: 72cm

Arm length: 64cm


Gender free

Season free

Trends free



Before you hit the 'buy now' button: 

- If you have any doubts regarding measurements, contact us first. 

- Shippings leave a carbon footprint we want to minimize as much as possible


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