Nineties Ski Jacket

Nineties Ski Jacket

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This is a vintage ski jacket in original shape.

Brand "STEINEBRONN". Made in Portugal.

We found it on a flea market and we have been using it ourselves for some time. Now it needs to find a new owner!

It is in perfect condition, nothing broken or missing. 


Fit to sizes: 

EU Women's 38-40

USA 10

EU Men's 42-46


Shoulders width: 60cm

Total lenght:  70cm 


Colour: fuchsia, violet, orange, green. Pink lining


Shell/lining 100% Polyamide

Fleece/lining 100% Polyester

Wadding 100% Polyethylene


Gender free

Season free

Trends free



Before you hit the 'buy now' button:

- If you have any doubts regarding measurements, contact us first. Or check our Size Conversion Guide

- Shippings leave a carbon footprint we want to minimize as much as possible


You are part of the journey of this item now. Make it last by taking care of it. It will protect you, empower you, keep you warm and make you happy. Adopt it to love it.

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