This CutOut Leather Dress is part of our Pampa Outlaw Capsule Collection, made out of 100% upcycled materials. 


Material: Patent leather, reptile pattern and silver metals

Colour: Black and Silver

Sizes: Adjustable to sizes 34-36-38 (EU)




- If you have any doubts regarding measurements, contact us first.

- Shippings leave a carbon footprint that we want to minimize as much as possible 

CutOut Leather Dress



    Hang it outside, in your balcony, backyard or window and let it get some fresh air (no direct sunlight).


    What to do when life cycle of the piece ends


    If the piece gets broken, we can help you fixing it. You can always aks us for ideas or help for repairing a piece. Or if you are located in one of our base cities, you can bring it to us. Donate the item or resale it if you don't want it anymore. PLESASE DO NEVER THROW IT AWAY ON THE TRASH BIN.


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