This backpack is made from a militar equipment accesory and security straps from dead stock bags / unsold inventory. It has been re-invented as a backpack.


Side pockes are secured with elastic cord and white plastic stopper or silver metal stopper.


Adjustable straps 

Bag size: 46 cm x 48 cm 

Colour: camouflage, black straps


Gender free

Season free

Trends free



Before you hit the 'buy now' button:

- If you have any doubts regarding measurements, contact us first.

- Shippings leave a carbon footprint we want to minimize as much as possible

- Our upcycled and reworked items are made form second hand, discarded or vintage materials. We chose this materials to offer the best possible quality and the longest possible duration of the items, but this also means that the original materials may contain marks of previous uses. Our items are upgraded, improved and thought to last. No planned obsolescence from our side. We repair and clean the pieces, but sometimes this marks are not possible to delete. And not always we want to delete them, as they can add to the beauty of the item. This marks talks about the history and the jorney of materials. You are part of this journey now. Make them last by taking care of them. Adopt them and love them.  

Camou backpack with elastic cord

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