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NEW EDITORIAL UP ON KEYI MAGAZINE. We don’t need new things. We need imagination

FEATURE ON KEYI MAGAZINE - “We don’t need new things. We need imagination” by Mariángeles Aguirre with Marcos Mangani wearing Therapy Recycle and Exorcise

ABOUT THE SHOOT - "We don't need new things. We need imagination"

The place we live, the people we love, the things we own. We have become aware of ourselves and what and who surrounds us. We made space in our homes and schedules. Are we going back to fill the blank spaces with stuff? The empty, the silent does not necessarily need to be filled. It surely needs to be re-interpreted. We made space, but maybe not for new. It can be a space for a new view on who we already are, and who we can become.

Shooted in Berlin, Germany, in July 2020 These items are as usual unique pieces, season free, gender free and trends free. Aesthetically, the pieces are meant to enhance the uniqueness of the wearers, to empower them.

Garments have history, there is so much behind. The people who designed it, the people who made it, its users. In the current fashion system we are all part of a losing game. Let's make it a win-win for people and planet

One of our premises is that a clothing piece should be a playground, a possibility to question its given form and function. A jacket can be a backpack, or a dress. A pant can be a top. Sleeves on, or off, etc. 

We include this element in the pieces we rework in the form of multiple functionalities or many possible ways to wear. It is our invitation to get hands on and be part of the creative process, which does not end in our studio.

In these looks, the public will rediscover their favorite tHERAPY styles mixed and melted with new ideas and techniques.

Through tutorials and workshops we encourage people to be more creative with the clothes they already own. To support our project, we sell the items we make on our online shop and via stockists in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Amsterdam. 

We are working to become a participative and non-formal educational project through art and fashion. Selling upcycled products is not enough to have an impact towards changing a failed system. If everything goes well, in 2021 we will have our own space and we will turn into a physical space to work for and with our community. Stay tunned....


Photo: Mariángeles Aguirre @slave_2_words

Edition: Paula Aguirre @poli_aguirre - Mariángeles Aguirre @slave_2_words

Model: Marcos Mangani @marcosmangani

Styling + MUA: Mariángeles Aguirre & Marcos Mangani 


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