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  • tHERAPY Recycle & Exorcise

MY WARDROBE UNDER THERAPY. LIVE STREAM with Studio183 + Kaltblut Magazine

08.04. // 7PM CET

LIVE STREAM ON INSTAGRAM @studio183_berlin powered by @kaltblut_magazine

Ding COVID-19 times, Mariángeles & Paula will motivate you to stay at home and be creative with your own wardrobe. With the live event, the designers want to encourage you to rethink your way of approaching fashion. The live session was offered in 3 main steps: - A wardrobe analysis guided by the designers to reveal your consumption choices - Upcycling items from your wardrobe with examples - The designers will show a creative idea on how to make your own mask at home without a sewing machine, following the tutorials collected by tHERAPY on their blog

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