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  • Paula Aguirre

Editorial on Toksick Magazine. SHOCK THERAPY BY PAULA AGUIRRE

This Therapy Recycle and Exorcise’s editorial is inspired by some of Naomi Klein’s concepts about the consequences of fierce capitalism, presented on her latest book “NO is not enough”.

Photographer- Luis Simes @luissimes | Models- Agustin @agusbrocca, Camila @camilaespinosa99, Molly @little_molly_ and Mariano @nigrellimariano for Universe @ universemanagement | Art Direction- Ignacio Obregon @ignacio.obregon | Styling- Paula Aguirre @poli_aguirre | Assistant- Mariangeles Aguirre @slave_2_words & Paula Aguirre @poli_aguirre | Wardrobe- Therapy Recycle & Exorcise @therapy_recyclexorcise_berlin, Sunglasses- Red x Manemane @manemanestudio & stylist’s own. | Shoes- Model’s own.

Climate change, mass consumption, toxic gases emission, global warming, carbon bubble, forests, species and glaciers extinction, fracking, sea level rise, fake news…

“Shock therapy, as a tool of capitalism and corporate policies, is a global phenomenon that involves tactics that, through a collective shock, seek to disorient the public in order to promote facilitating measures for large corporations. Overwhelm, generate semi-psychotic reactions to attack the sphere of the public and provide power to companies. Economic, climatic, safety, industrial shocks. Shocks of various kinds. One goes into shock to destabilize, to disregard reality of unreality. A gap is opened between events and the ability to explain them. They find us speechless, vulnerable, fearful and willing to renounce our rights in pursuit of a supposed greater good. “Any change is a change of theme,” Naomi says in her book, quoting Argentine novelist César Aira.

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